The hair of Venus: the waterfall which charms in Cilento
GRAND TOUR BLOG | 26 February 2019

The hair of Venus: the waterfall which charms in Cilento

We are once again in Campania, again in Cilento, place that combines an atmosphere of absolute relaxation with a cuisine of ancient flavors and natural…a veritable oasis of peace. And speaking of oasis, the place of which we speak today we can really be defined as such: i Venus Hair, a waterfall that seems out of a fairy tale.

We are in Casaletto Spartano, a small town of a thousand inhabitants in the province of Salerno. In places Capello there is this fabulous waterfall, that is born from the waters of Rio Bussentino and was so named because in this oasis is located a certain defined type of fern Capelvenere.

How to reach the place?

To get to the waterfall you have to take the exit Padula and then follow the highway (SS 16) up to Caselle in Pittari. Arriving here we must take the state and then get to Casaletto Spartan and follow the directions to the place.

The magical atmosphere of the place

While we are on the route to the place we already have a taste of all the wonders that you will find here. We find tall pines, thick undergrowth and a charming and characteristic silence of nature that surrounds us. Here we are really far away from the hectic and noisy everyday life and for once we can grant to pull the plug.

Going down the stairs you come to this spectacular waterfall that leaves everyone speechless. A particular play of light due to water and the surrounding vegetation offer us a view that the lever breath. There are also natural pools where you can swim even if the water temperature is rather low (approximately 6/8 degrees). Even the air is naturally cooler than the surface but during the hottest summers the refreshment will be very welcome and this place will seem heaven on earth.

If we cross the river and follow its path, taking care not to slip on the moss on the rocks present around, you can stop to enjoy the fresh air and relax with the sound of flowing water. There is also a picnic area equipped where you can comfortably consume a sandwich while enjoying the view.

Cilento is as always excellent destination for those wishing to combine a relaxing holiday also culture, history, traditions, good food and wonderful views. The cascade of Venus Hair is definitely a must among the things to see in the Cilento, also accompanied by’Oasis of Morigerati and little distant sites Heritage: the archaeological sites Velia e Paestum, the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano it is to Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula.


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