Qr Code

What is a QR Code?

The QR code, short for Quick Response Code (quick response code) It is a two-dimensional array, or 2D code, It composed of a series of blacks modules arranged in a square-shaped pattern, which it is used to store information intended for reading electronic equipment stands, namely cell phones and smartphones.

How the QR Code on Unesconet?

We use the QR Code to identify a user of our portal (Qr Code Personale) or a specific accommodation, sports facility, well archeological, tour operator registered with Unesconet.

What is the difference between Personal QR Code and QR Code Structure?

The QR Code can be used by staff accommodation to verify that a visitor is enrolled at Unesconet and riconsocergli discounts and promotions reserved. The QR Code Structure can be used by visitors to make a virtual Check-In.

What are the check-in virtual?

On Unesconet you can collect virtual Check-In, or register with facilities and places of attraction so collecting a score and take part in our weekly charts.

How do I make a check-in?

Download our mobile app for Android or Apple and log in with your account. Through our application you can frame the QR Code of the structure or type its secret code to make your check-in virtual. All check-in and the recordings are always available in your account.

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