Salerno | Thursday 6 December 2018

A century in Stocking - shows vintage toys Salerno

Provincial Art Gallery in Via dei Mercanti
Archaeological Museum of Via S. Blessed

The President of the Province of Salerno Ing. Michael Strianese hosts at the Provincial Art Gallery in Via dei Mercanti and in the Archaeological Museum of Via S. Blessed, an exhibition entitled "A Century In Stocking”, an initiative of the Association “Kukkugaie – Women for culture”, in collaboration with the Minister of Trade of the City of Salerno.

The exhibition, which will open at 18.30 on Thursday 6 December in the Pinacoteca, presenta una eccezionale rassegna di toys di ogni tipologia, since the early years of the last century until 1960 circa. The exhibition falls within a particular period of tourist numbers in Salerno, and he wants to be a meaningful message not only to the nostalgic charm of the past but also, and especially, an appeal to the whole society on the vital importance of the future time represented current childhood.

The press conference will be attended by curators, President Michelangelo Russo and Dr.. Emilio Porcaro, Prof. Mariarosaria Vitiello, Political Adviser in the field of cultural policies, educational and school activities in the Province of Salerno, President of the association "Kukkugaie"Dr. Massimiliano Braca. (photos from the web:

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