Putignano | Sunday 17 February 2019

The Putignano Carnival


The Putignano Carnival is the most famous carnival of Puglia and one of the oldest in Italy.
It is the public demonstration par excellence, moment of creativity and satire, full of irony.
With his 616 editions and his incredible loads of fun has earned an incredibly diverse range of clients, combining burlesque moments with real expressions of art and crafts and of great intellectual. Main protagonist is the papier-mâché, reinvented to make perfectly the fantasies of the masters of this art. The mixture between the extreme care in the realization of the puppets and the magnitude of these beautiful wagons (which can reach the height of 18 meters) It makes visually impressive participation at fashion shows; a job that costs months of effort and that is realized with the construction of huge moving works, where lights, music, dance and colors strike the imagination of adults and children.