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Parmenides and Zenone were born in Elea, where they founded the Eleatic school, which brought no little innovation on the philosophical and mathematical level the culture of his time. Elea was nothing but the old name of the city of Velia, the area that has now become a UNESCO site for his works and his historical importance. Of this magnificent city, swarming with philosophy, Mathematics with a flourishing mercantile bustle left the port area Porta Marina, Terme e Ellenistiche the Romanesque Term, the Agora, the Acropolis, the Southern District and the District Archaic, and finally Porta Rosa, prestigious monument that held the dual function of connecting the two parts of the city and the viaduct joining the two top of the acropolis.

History, art and culture

Originally Elea, founded in 540 a.C. along the Tyrrhenian coast of Lucania by Focesi, from Corsica and settled here after the defeat against the fleets of the Etruscans and Carthaginians. After the destruction of the Greek colony of Sybaris, Velia hosted the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno whom we owe the importance of philosophical thought. The city fought with neighboring Posidonia, with the Lucanians and, in 389, He became part of the League Italiota. He provided, subsequently, aid in Rome against Hannibal. It was destroyed between the eighth and ninth centuries d.C. Saracens. There are three urban nuclei: the southern district, which it was the center of political power, the northern district, near the river port, and the acropolis, which it was the ancient town of Elea. On the promontory, in the past, They sprang public and sacred buildings. They remain the remains of an ionic temple and the third-century theater.


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