This page is designed to inform visitors of the site, collaborators, the press, partners and stakeholders of the project on the proper use of the brand Unesconet, on the logo and reproduction on all media and contexts.

Brand Unesconet

The correct typographic representation of the brand Unesconet uses the first letter capitalized and all others lower case. In the case where reference is made to the web, permalink o ID social, the correct word will always be in lowercase. The name of the official domain is (lowercase, with the .eu extension indircazione).

Examples of use

Unesconet [icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”text-success”]
UnescoNet [icon name=”times” class=”” unprefixed_class=”text-danger”]
Unesconet [icon name=”times” class=”” unprefixed_class=”text-danger”]


The colors chosen and used for the logo and its applications are two:

  • BLUE / GRAY (c=43 M=14 Y=1 K=0) : as a technological color, chosen to emphasize the use of new technologies for the project
  • BROWN (c=48 M=58 Y=65 K=51): chosen for its use in the field of signage for the tourism sector, both because it refers to the cone of historicity, common feature of all the sites involved in the project


The font used in the logo and its application is Helvetica, a typeface created in 1957 brainchild of Eduard Hoffman, director of the Haas foundry in Münchenstein, and designed by Max Miedinger.
The choice fell on this type of font for its characteristics of neutrality, which it is expressed in his letters neatly designed sans serif (ie no thanks).
For the naming of the logo have been used its versions condensed in different weights 27 ultra light, 47 light e 57 regular.